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How To Stop a Dog from Becoming Gun Shy

Naturally, dogs are afraid of loud noise because they have a sensitive sense of hearing as compared to humans. The loud sounds that we hear seem louder for them. That is why if you if you are thinking of training your hunting dog, you should take into account on how to prevent them from being gun shy. Otherwise, taking your dog to the field and letting them hear gun sound will make them startle and afraid. In the first place, in training your dog you should consider your petsafe fencing system.


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In this sense, the first thing to do is to make your dog gets with loud noise associating it with something pleasant just like eating. Likewise, your hunting dog should learn on how to handle the guns sound. It is also necessary for the owner to ensure correct introduction of gun to his dog. In this way gun shy dog can be avoided; otherwise it can be very difficult to keep them calm when they hear loud noises. You may not be sure if an electric dog fence system will work for you watch this video.


Stimulating your puppy’s development is essential to stop them from being gun shy dogs. Keep in mind that the main objective of hunting dog is to help the hunter. However, if the dog has fear of loud noise, obviously it will retreat from chasing and leave their pursuit upon hearing a gun fire. This makes sense of introducing your dog to loud noises early of their age.


Basic training for gun shy dogs


Since dogs are afraid of loud noise, the first thing to do is to desensitize them. This can be done by simply recording loud sounds like that of thunder, train sound and fireworks. There are also recorded tapes available at the store and allow your dog listen to it every day. You can play the recorder sound at low volume initially, but you should increase the volume once you notice that your pet is getting used to the noise. While increasing the volume of the sound, you should also monitor your dog’s behavior if it can handle the noise calmly without giving them any treats.


In the same manner, you can also bring your dog to a gun range. Start off in a far distance and stay closer one at a time. Letting your dog hear the gun fire sound is one way of desensitizing so that it will get used of it. Likewise, by feeding your pet, you should start banging the pans from lower sound and increasing it gradually. Although it is ideal to associate the training with something pleasant, yet it is not recommended at all times.


During the training, it is important to let your dog understand that there is nothing to be afraid of while hearing the gun sound. As much as possible you should let the dog see the guns regularly during the training. It does not necessarily mean using a real shotgun especially if you have children around. In this way, your dog will see the gun in a positive way.


In addition, it is important to introduce your dog to the sound of gun after developing desire and excitement in retrieving. In this sense, you should also train your dog on chasing birds while you are carrying your shotgun. Once your dog get used to hunting birds, then you can eventually add gunfire. In this way, the loud sound will be associated positively. Thus, your pet will think that birds and guns are associated.


Moreover, if you want to train your dog in hunting you should keep them outside especially during thunderstorms. Likewise, blowing off fireworks can also help in getting the dog used of loud noise. In the same manner, it is also ideal to allow your dog listen to radio or near the washing machine when doing the laundry.


When having playtime with your dog you can also bring the rifle so that your dog will know that it is associated to him. The training would take time, and you need to be patient about it. That is why as much as possible you should give more time with your pet in order to achieve the best results. You should never get in a hurry if you want to become successful in your goal of preventing your dog of becoming gun shy.


On the other hand, if you do not have any idea or time in training your dog, you can seek help from an expert to do the job. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that your dog identifies you as his master so that it will follow during the training. Indeed, there is no gun shy dog as long as the owner knows the right way of introducing his pet to louder noises. This makes take a long time, but once the dog is accustomed to the sound of a gun, everything will run smoothly.